Year : 2017

Celebrate Oktoberfest at IOI City Mall!

Did you know that aside from Halloween, October is also known for Oktoberfest! If you are looking for places to celebrate, you can have your very own Oktoberfest at IOI City Mall!

Below are two venues at IOI City Mall you can celebrate with your friends!

IOI City Mall - Where Students Can Hang out, Study and Chill

With there being a plethora of universities and colleges in the Putrajaya and Cyberjaya area like Lim Kok Wing University, Multimedia University and many more, IOI City Mall has become a favourite haunt for students to come hang out, study and chill after their classes. Whether it is to grab a nice cup of coffee or catch that latest blockbuster that hit the big screen.

Today, let us have a look at the popular haunts where students hit their books (and laptops), have a lively discussion about the school projects or just kicking back with a nice cup of coffee and dessert.

Government Personnel Offers At IOI City Mall

There are a variety of offers await the government officers! Purchase at the participating tenants and redeem the offers! All you need to do is just flash your government ID/ Pension Card at any participating outlets and enjoy the discounts!

Click here to view the full list of participating stores and discounts offered.

Below are just a few merchants and a sneak peak on what you can get!

Schedule A Date At IOI City Mall

Attention to all lovebirds, couples, crushes or first-timers in the world of dating! Let us save the day if you have no ideas on where to bring your partner to, on how to plan that special first date or just to rekindle the relationship and spend some alone we-time.

Read over a few of our date proposals and pick which one suits best! IOI City Mall is the ideal dating scene for all!

5 Malaysian Successful Brands In IOI City Mall

Mr. Yong Pang Chaun started Padini as an outsource operation that supplies garments to order for retailers and distributors.

Today, it has grown into a major brand leader, involved in the distribution and retail of its own fashion labels like VINCCI, Padini Authentics and Miki to name a few. It distributes its brands through 190 freestanding store, franchise and consignment counters, proudly carrying the “Made-In-Malaysia” stamp to Thailand, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Cambodia, Egypt, Oman, UAE, Indonesia and Syria.

Every Girl’s Best Friend - Jewellery at IOI City Mall

Question: What can turn a girl’s angry stare into a soft, sweet smile?

Answer: Jewellery!

And yes, IOI City Mall is full of Jewellery stores that will make your girlfriend, wife, mother, daughter, sister or best friend be in a good mood for the rest of the day if you bring them here.

Here are a few stores that we think you can consider when you’re buying a gift for a friend’s wedding, when someone special’s birthday is coming up, you just want to get some bling for yourself, you’re about to propose OR (god forbid), you did something wrong and your significant other is mad.

The Latest Tech In The Palm Of Your Hands - Digital Gadgets at IOI City Mall

These days, technology has been evolving really fast, from small sized cameras coming with up to 6k resolution to 3D printers being able to print in speedy time. We all want the best gadgets out there with the performance that exceeds our expectation. Therefore we need to keep up to date with the latest technology.

IOI City Mall is here to ensure that you guys are not left behind. Here’s 3 of the best places you can get your digital gadgets at our mall.

What Your Watch Says About You - Watches at IOI City Mall

What watch are you currently wearing on your wrist? Do you know you can tell a lot about a person from what watch he or she wears.

So, depending on what persona you identify with, here are few watches that you can find at our timepiece vendors at IOI City Mall that you may identify with.