Malaccan-born Azmi and Chin Shiang from Taiping fell in love, and from this union grew a love for traditional Malay food that is rich with flavour, vibrant in colours and cultural significance from the first moment Chin Shiang tried the home-cooked food prepared by Azmi’s family.

Azmi’s family recipes were passed down and have been perfected over the last 3 generations, and they both agreed that they needed to treasure the recipes by starting the first Asam Pedas Premier restaurant in 2009.

Asam Pedas Premier started out as a single restaurant in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam. But so many people loved and supported our food, we have since expanded to an 80-person team with five outlets to date, and three more planned to open in the future. Our aim is to grow into a common sight throughout Malaysia, and break into the international market to bring good, traditional Malaysian cuisine to the world.

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